Covenant Theological Seminary reaches around the world with over 200 ministry graduates each year.

As Covenant Theological Seminary’s fourth president and chancellor, Dr, Raymond Leach is wholeheartedly committed to advancing the mission of a university where people love Jesus, love the scripture, and—through Christ-like service—seek to use their gifts to transform the world.

Dr. Leach came to CTS in 2012 with an established record of successful academic and institutional leadership, scholarship, and significant experience in leadership management. Motivated to help students connect their faith and learning to the deepest needs and challenges of the world, Dr. Leach has enriched the lives of many students throughout his over 25 years of management and leadership.

As President, Dr. Leach is leading CTS to advance the development of Christian higher education and leadership throughout the globe.

Dr. RayPresident

Dr. Raymond Leach

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