SG 5563 Laws of Faith

CC 5423 The Healing Power of Spirit Born Emotions

CC 5413 Secrets for Relational Living

SG 5493 Spiritual Gifts Today

MN 6023 Purpose Driven Leadership

MN 6013 The Normal Christian Birth

BN 5143 The Acts of the Apostles

TH 0513 The Armor of God and The Doctrine of the Scriptures

TH 0523 The Doctrines of God and Salvation

TH 0533 The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit

TH 0543 Homiletics and Important Bible Doctrines

TH 0553 The Doctrines of Victory and Prayer

TH 0563 The Doctrines of Man and Sin

TH 0573 The Doctrine of Last Things

TH 0583 The Law of Identification and The Fruit of the Spirit

TH 0593 The Origin and The Object of the Word

TH 5103 Spiritual Laws of Truth

TH 5113 Evangelical Theology

TH 5123 Comparative Religions and Hermeneutics

TH 5133 The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah

TH 5143 Jesus: Lord and Savior

TH 5153 The Names of God

TH 5163 Man’s Two Lives

TH 5173 Religious Sacred Cows

TH 5183 From the Cross to the Throne

TH 5193 The Gospel of the Kingdom

TH 5203 The Doctrine of Scriptures

TH 5213 The Seven Mountain Strategy I

TH 5223 Seven Mountain Strategy II

SG 0513 The Purpose Driven Life

SG 0523 Leadership Training

SG 0533 Pathway to Worship I and II

SG 0553 The Maturing of the Saints

SG 0563 Growing in Grace

SG 0573 Love and The Gifts

SG 0583 Practical Aspects of Christianity and Christian Growth and Development

SG 0593 The Joy of Being a Disciple

SG 5103 Could You Not Tarry One Hour?

SG 5113 From Defeat to Victory Healing School

SG 5123 Communion with God

SG 5133 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice (also referred to as “How To Hear God’s Voice”)

SG 5143 Prayers That Heal The Heart

SG 5153 Driven by Eternity

SG 5163 The Normal Christian Life

SG 5173 Victory Over The Darkness

SG 5183 Under Cover—The Promise of Protection Under His Authority

SG 5193 The Anointing: Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

SG 5203 Your River Must Flow I (Formerly Ministers of the Anointing I)

SG 5213 The Three Battlegrounds

SG 5223 Excellence in Character

SG 5233 The Making of a Champion

SG 5253 Battlefield of the Mind

SG 5263 Unreasonable Worship

SG 5273 The Bait of Satan

SG 5283 Blessing or Curse

SG 5293 Supernatural Living

SG 5303 The Power of Praise and Worship

SG 5313 Angelology

SG 5333 Breaking Generational Curses

SG 5343 Walking in Victory

SG 5353 The Hour that Changes the World

SG 5363 New Creation Image

SG 5373 Authority of the Believer

SG 5383 God’s Provision for Healing

SG 5393 Prayer – Bringing Heaven to Earth

SG 5403 Praise And Worship

SG 5413 The Dynamic Duo – The Holy Spirit and You

SG 5423 Counseled By God

SG 5443 Glory – Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven

SG 5453 Your River Must Flow II

SG 5483 Releasing the Power of Jesus

SG 5493 Dialogue With God

SG 5503 Prosperous Soul Foundations

SG 5513 Living to Give

SG 5523 How to Hear God Through Your Dreams

SG 5533 Prayers That Make a Difference

MN 0513 Ministry Practicum

MN 0523 Introduction to Youth Ministry

MN 0533 Local Church Order

MN 0543 The Anointed Leader

MN 0553 Developing Your Style of Leadership

MN 0563 Church Growth and Development I

MN 0573 Church Growth and Development II

MN 0583 Church Growth and Development III

MN 0593 Church Growth and Development IV

MN 5103 How To Heal The Sick

MN 5113 A Practical Handbook for Ministry

MN 5123 The Christian Pastor

MN 5133 Christian Education in the Church (Christian Education Handbook)

MN 5143 Ministry of Divine Healing

MN 5153 Church Administration

MN 5163 Staff Your Church for Growth

MN 5173 Business Management in the Local Church

MN 5183 Scriptural Roles for Women in a Church

MN 5193 The Ministry of Helps

MN 5203 Managing Your Pastorate

MN 5213 Church Management

MN 5223 Common Church Administrative System Problems

MN 5233 Activate Your Vision

MN 5243 The Five Star Church

MN 5253 The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

MN 5273 Mapping Christian Education

MN 5283 Education in the Truth

MN 5293 The Servant-Driven Church

MN 5303 Developing A Giving Church

MN 5313 The Purpose Driven Church

MN 5333 The Master’s Plan for the Church

MN 5343 Give Me A “J”

MN 5353 Evangelism That Works

MN 5363 Chaplains to the Imprisoned

MN 5373 Healing The Sick

MN 5383 Soulwinning

MN 5393 Unlocking the Abraham Promise

MN 5403 Evangelism By Fire

MN 5423 Rebuilding the Real You

MN 5443 Mission Addiction

MN 5453 Team Method of Church Planting

MN 5463 Hell’s Best Kept Secret

MN 5473 Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian

MN 5483 Rules of Youth Ministry – Why 180 Breaks Them All

MN 5493 Supernatural Architecture

MN 5503 The Cell Church

MN 5513 The Rebirth of Music

MN 5523 Miracle Evangelism

MN 5533 The Ministry Gifts

MN 5543 The Fear of the Lord

MN 5553 How to Prepare Sermons

MN 5563 They Shall Expel Demons

MN 5573 Prophets and Personal Prophecy

MN 5583 Talent Is Never Enough

MN 5593 The Master Plan of Discipleship

MN 5603 The Seven Mountain Strategy I*

MN 5613 Success God’s Way

MN 5623 How to Multiply Your Church

MN 5633 Spiritual Leadership

MN 5643 Christian Coaching

MN 5653 The Church Triumphant (Study from the Book of Acts)

MN 5663 Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit

MN 5673 The Supernatural Church

MN 5683 Free by Divine Decree

MN 5693 Marriage and the Family

MN 5703 Suffering Loss

MN 5713 Reaching Your Destiny

MN 5723 Victorious Christian Living

MN 5733 Seven Mountain Strategy II

MN 5743 Dynamic Preaching

MN 5753 Prophetic Foundations

MN 5763 New Creation Image

MN 5773 Authority of the Believer

MN 5783 God’s Provision for Healing

MN 5793 Prayer: Bringing Heaven to Earth

MN 5803 Praise and Worship

MN 5813 Church Marketing Basics

MN 5823 What Every Minister Ought to Know (Pastors Training Institute)

MN 5863 Restoration of Marriage

MN 5893 Desiring God

MN 5903 The Art of Leading Worship

MN 5913 Believer’s Evangelism Equipping Course

MN 5923 Leading When You’re Not the Boss

MN 5933 The Way of the Master

MN 5943 Glory Invasion: Walking Under an Open Heaven

MN 5973 Introduction to the Holy Spirit

MN 5963 Power in the Pulpit

MN 5983 Red Zone Evangelism*

IS 0513 History of World Missions

IS 0523 Missions 101

IS 0533 Mission Addiction

IS 0713 Intercultural Studies Ministry Practicum

IS 0723 Missionary Perspectives

IS 0733 The Missionary Call

IS 0743 Church Planting Movements

IS 0753 Cross-Cultural Church Planting

IS 0763 Simple Church

IS 0773 Orality and Storytelling

IS 0783 Cross-Cultural Evangelism

IS 0793 Cross-Cultural Communication

IS 0803 Discipling the Next Generation

IS 0813 Missions in a Pluralistic Postmodern World

CH 0513 History of Christianity (Beginnings to 1500)

CH 0523 History of Christianity (Reformation to the Present)

CE 0533 Church History in Plain Language

CE 0513 Teaching Practicum

CE 0523 Introduction to Education

CE 0533 Educational Psychology

CE 0543 Managing the Classroom

CE 0553 Early Childhood Growth and Development

CE 0563 The Philosophy of Christian Education

CE 0573 Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning

CE 0583 Teaching Reading

CE 0593 Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School

CE 5103 Teaching and Learning Theory and Phonics

CE 5113 Foundations of Christian Education

CE 5123 An Overview of Christian School Curriculum

CE 5133 Christian Education (Its Mandate and Mission)

CE 5143 The Seven Laws of Teaching

CE 5153 Assertive Discipline

CE 5163 The Craft of Christian Teaching

CE 5173 Effective Communication Skills

CE 5183 Contemporary Approaches to Christian Education

CE 5193 Kingdom Education

CE 5203 Curriculum (Principles and Foundations)

CE 5213 Basic Teacher Skills

CE 5223 Mapping Christian Education

CC 0513 Counseling Practicum

CC 0523 Equipping Saints to Counsel

CC 0543 Spirit Controlled Temperament

CC 0553 Introduction to Psychology and Counseling

CC 0563 Repressed Memories

CC 0573 Christian Counseling I and II

CC 0583 Christian Counseling III and IV

CC 0593 Counseling Adopting Parents and Barren Women I and II

CC 5103 Conquering the Mind

CC 5113 Healing the Memories I and II

CC 5123 Pastoral Psychology ****

CC 5133 Competent to Counsel

CC 5143 Christ Centered Therapy

CC 5153 Your God Given Dreams

CC 5163 Making Life Healing Changes

CC 5173 12 Steps to Life Recovery

CC 5183 The Christian Family

CC 5193 God’s Truth Versus The Lies We Believe

CC 5203 Living Supernaturally Natural

CC 5213 Psychology Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

CC 5223 Modern Psycho Therapies

CC 5233 Basic Biblical Counseling

CC 5243 Crisis and Trauma Counseling

CC 5253 Counseling Survivors Of Traumatic Events

CC 5263 Champions: A Study of Brokenness

CC 5273 Confrontation Counseling and Confronting in A Healthy Way

CC 5283 Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse

CC 5293 Christian Living in The Home

CC 5303 Counseling Families Across the Stages of Life

CC 5313 The Career Counselor

CC 5323 Human Development and Faith

CC 5333 Blame It on the Brain

CC 5343 The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling

CC 5353 Renewing of the Mind

CC 5363 Introduction to Psychology I and II

CC 5373 Prayers That Heal the Heart

CC 5383 Identity Formation: How Father God Shapes Personal Identity

CC 5403 Ruth & Naomi: The Healing Journey

CC 5393 Crisis Counseling

CC 0533 Ethics and Legal Issues in Christian Counseling

BS 0513 Gifts and Callings of God

BS 0573 Personal Bible Study Methods*

BS 0563 A Survey of the Old Testament

BS 0553 The Old Covenant and The New Covenant

BS 0543 Am I Right?

BS 0533 Jesus from the Beginning

BS 0523 Discovering Ancient Prophecies

BO 2303 Patterns For Living – From the Old Testament

BO 0553 The Books of Amos and Ecclesiastes

BO 0543 The Book of Nehemiah I and II

BO 0533 The Book of Ezra

BO 0523 The Books of Ruth and Esther

BO 0513 The Book of Joshua and the Judges of Israel

BO 0113 Step by Step Through the Old Testament – OT Bible Survey

BN 5133 The Book of the Revelation II

BN 5123 The Book of the Revelation I

BN 5113 The Book of Hebrews

BN 0593 The Books of First and Second Timothy and First and Second Peter

BN 0583 The Books of Ephesians and Colossians

BN 0573 The Books of Galatians

BN 0563 The Book of Romans

BN 0563 Acts of the Apostles

BN 0553 A Study of the Gospel According to Luke – Part III

BN 0543 A Study of the Gospel According to Luke – Part II

BN 0533 A Study of the Gospel According to Luke – Part I

BN 0523 The Book of Mark

BN 0513 The Books of Matthew and Acts

BN 0203 Step by Step Through the New Testament









BS 6009 HELL




BS 6013 1 PETER


BS 6015 JOB

BS 6016 RUTH


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