Grades Information

Grades, Grade Points & GPAs

Meaning    Grade Points
   Credit Hours
A Excellent 4 3
B Good 3 3
C Average 2 3
D Poor 1 3
S Satisfactory 0 3
I Incomplete 0 0
F Failure 0 0
N Audit 0 0
WP   Withdrew Passing 0 0
WF Withdrew Failing 0 0

All work is graded by letters, which may be interpreted as shown above, including grade points for each credit hour.

Note: There is a $10.00 drop fee for each course dropped.

S – This grade is given primarily for credit through “Prior Learning Assessment and Alternative studies.” It reflects hours being earned toward graduation but has no bearing on the Student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).

I – Indicates that additional work must be done to receive a passing grade for the course or program.

N – This grade may be given to those who are not taking the course for credit. This grade may be changed to a standard letter grade if the appropriate additional fees are paid and all work for the course completed.

WP – This indicates that the student has officially withdrawn from a course and was passing at the time of withdrawal. A “WP” is not calculated as part of the student’s Grade Point average (GPA).

WF – This indicates that the student was officially withdrawn from a course and was failing at the time of withdrawal. No refund will be given for a WF.

GPA – Grade Point Average


A         90 – 100
B         80 – 89
C         70 – 79
D         60 – 69
F         Below 60

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