CE 5223 Mapping Christian Education

Textbook Jack Seymour/Dr. M.R. Burckley This course deals with four main themes: formation, faith community, spiritual growth, and religious instruction. It engages the student from beginning to end, offering colorful descriptions, formative analysis, invitations for self-reflection, and visionary possibilities for the future of Christian education.

CE 5213 Basic Teacher Skills

Textbook Richard Rusbuldt/Dr. M.R. Burckley This course provides a solid foundation of skills needed to meet the needs of “new teachers”. It helps them become effective and enthusiastic as they carry out Christ’s call on their lives.

CE 5193 Kingdom Education

Textbook Glen Schultz/Dr. Max O. Flynn This course indicates that parents and educators must link arms with the local church to provide a strong foundation for every boy and girl. It asserts that nothing less than a full frontal assault on secularization will stem the tide of America’s moral decline.

CE 5173 Effective Communication Skills

Audio Dr. Mary W. Murray This course is designed to enhance, encourage, and develop appropriate effective communication skills for students, educators, and parents. Each lesson is devised to enrich your knowledge and ability on arious aspects of effective communication integrated with a Christian and regular education approach as it relates to students entering the 21st […]

CE 5153 Assertive Discipline

Textbook Lee and Marlene Canter/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy The purpose of this course is to inspire and encourage teachers to reflect on their own teaching situations and adapt strategies according to their own teaching style and philosophy.

CE 5143 The Seven Laws of Teaching

Textbook John Milton Gregory/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy This course is a clear and simple statement of the important factors governing the art of teaching. It gives a clear and concise presentation of the laws of teaching.

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