MN 5983 Red Zone Evangelism*

Video/Textbook Kent Tucker The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit is a training course in personal evangelism led by Kent Tucker. The training course features four, one-hour DVD training sessions to build confidence in this easy and effective way to lead others to Christ. His new book, In The Red Zone, focuses on the key principles […]

MN 5603 The Seven Mountain Strategy I*

Video Lance Wallnau Christians are meant to demonstrate God in every sphere of society, not just within the church. Learn from Lance as he teaches these five thought-provoking sessions and explores the seven strategic areas of influence in society, which shape the culture of every nation. (Additional book: The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow) […]

SG 5273 The Bait of Satan*

Video/Textbook John Bevere/Dr. Max O. Flynn This course exposes one of the most deceptive snares (an offense) that Satan uses to entrap Christians to get them out of the will of God. Most people who are ensnared by Satan do not even realize it.

SG 5163 The Normal Christian Life*

Textbook Watchman Nee/Dr. Max O. Flynn In this course, Watchman Nee teaches us who are in Christ what Christ did for us, and how to live by His power within us. He instructs us on the power of the blood, the power of the cross, God’s eternal purpose, and the goal of the Gospel. Based […]

SG 5103 Could You Not Tarry One Hour?*

Video/Textbook Larry Lea/Dr. Max O. Flynn This course deals with the pursuit and discovery of Dr. Larry Lea of the highest calling of all—the call to pray. It also shares what the Lord revealed to him, which he shared with the Body of Christ through his Prayer Clinics. Based on the book by the same […]

SG 0513 The Purpose Driven Life*

Textbook Rick Warren/Dr. Fabienne Naomi-Smith This course is a priceless gift for all who want to know their purpose and fulfill their destiny. It is absolutely brilliant at explaining our real purpose on earth and stating profound truths in simple ways. (Additional book: Purpose Driven Life Journal)

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