MN 6023 Purpose Driven Leadership

Video/Textbook Rick Warren The biblical principles taught in this course will help you become a better communicator of God’s truth. Commentators on God’s Word tell us what happened in the Bible, communicators of God’s Word show us how the truth of the Bible leads to life change. In this course, we’ve taken the principles of […]

MN 6013 The Normal Christian Birth

Video/Textbook David Pawson Using Acts 2:38-39 gives us the 4 complete steps to full salvation and freedom in the Lord. 1) Repent of your sins. 2) Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. 3) Be Baptized in Water. 4) Receive the Holy Spirit. Learn how to apply this to your life.

MN 5983 Red Zone Evangelism*

Video/Textbook Kent Tucker The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit is a training course in personal evangelism led by Kent Tucker. The training course features four, one-hour DVD training sessions to build confidence in this easy and effective way to lead others to Christ. His new book, In The Red Zone, focuses on the key principles […]

MN 5963 Power in the Pulpit

Textbook/Audio Dr. Jerry Vines & Dr. Jim Shaddix The call to preach is just that- a call to preach. The call to preach, however, is more than just preaching. The call to preach is a call to prepare. Too many pastors have refrained from preparation while they await the Holy Spirit to do all of […]

MN 5973 Introduction to the Holy Spirit

Video/Textbook John Bevere Based on the book: “The Holy Spirit – An Introduction by John Bevere” For three years the disciples had been with Jesus, walking with Him and hearing everything He had to say. Yet Jesus told His closest friends that He needed to leave them so that the Holy Spirit could come—and that […]

MN 5943 Glory Invasion: Walking Under an Open Heaven

Textbook David Herzog This course is about God’s restoring all that has been lost in the dead, sleeping church. It is about His whole Body coming alive and doing the works Jesus did and promised us, the believers in John 14:12. This expanded edition of David Herzog’s book brings an intimate God-experience into your personal […]

MN 5933 The Way of the Master

Videos/Workbook Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron Based on the award-winning TV series “”The Way of the Master,”” the Basic Training Course is specially formatted to train believers in a group setting to simply and confidently share the gospel with family, friends, and strangers. This eight-session course is the cream of the crop. If you’ve been wanting to […]

MN 5923 Leading When You’re Not the Boss

Video/Workbook Andy Zack The importance of middle leadership is often overlooked, neglected, or taken for granted. In Leading When You’re Not the Boss, Rev. Andy Zack addresses the middle directly. Speaking from years of experience as an associate pastor at Love Joy Gospel Church in Lancaster, New York, Rev. Zack covers the keys to successful […]

MN 5913 Believer’s Evangelism Equipping Course

Video/Workbook Dr. Judy Bauer Christians are commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ to go into all the world and share His message of good news. It takes some work on our part to become effective in our ability to share our faith in God. It doesn’t come naturally for most of us. Dr. Judy Bauer’s […]

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