TH 5213 The Seven Mountain Strategy I*

Video Lance Wallnau Christians are meant to demonstrate God in every sphere of society, not just within the church. Learn from Lance as he teaches these five thought-provoking sessions and explores the seven strategic areas of influence in society, which shape the culture of every nation. (Additional book: The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow) […]

TH 5193 The Gospel of the Kingdom

Textbook George Eldon Ladd/Dr. Max O. Flynn This course shows clearly that the theme of the coming Kingdom of God was the message of our Lord’s ministry and mission. The Teachings of Jesus were designed to show men how they might enter the Kingdom of God.

TH 5183 From the Cross to the Throne

Audio Dr. Kurt Huth This is a dramatic study of all Jesus did in and for us in His journey to the cross and ultimately being seated at the right hand of the Majesty on High. This course covers such things as Jesus’ preparation for His great sacrifice at Gethsemane and all He endured at […]

TH 5173 Religious Sacred Cows

Textbook Dr. Kurt Huth This is a study of doctrines of great controversy in organized religion of today. Examples are: The Trinity; Are Women Allowed to Preach; The Baptism with the Holy Spirit; Once Saved Always Saved; The Lord’s Supper; and many more.

TH 5153 The Names of God

Audio Dr. M. R. Burckley This course is an overview of the names of God the Father, the names and titles of God the Son, and the names and titles of God the Holy Spirit as they are found in the Old and New Testaments; and shows how they relate to us and how we […]

TH 5143 Jesus: Lord and Savior

Textbook F. F. Bruce/Dr. M. R. Burckley This course explores the Jesus story in light of contemporary scholarship and Christian conviction. The author answers the question, “Who is Jesus, anyway?” Biblical evidence is examined as to who Jesus was, what His ministry was like, and how He related to His disciples and other Jews. It […]

TH 5133 The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah

Textbook Albert Edusiteim/Dr. M. R. Burckley This course will give the student a thorough understanding of the life and ministry of Christ as it introduces a vivid background of the Jewish social and religious life of Christ’s time and includes an overview of the Four Gospels.

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