SG 5563 Laws of Faith

In this profound look at the Scripture Charles Capps reveals how to release God’s goodness in your own life. He clearly outlines that speaking the truth of God’s Word, even when times are tough, works together with our faith to bring victory every time! Confessing what God said in His Word out of a heart […]

CC 5423 The Healing Power of Spirit Born Emotions

Video/Textbook Dr. Mark Virkler/Charity Kayembe In Christianity, human emotions are often considered to be misleading and untrustworthy—a lingering part of our fallen nature that distract us from God’s truth. But our emotions were created by God, and though the enemy may seek to manipulate our hearts, Jesus sets us free! Dr. Mark Virkler is a […]

SG 5493 Spiritual Gifts Today

Textbook Dr. Max O. Flynn Practical instruction in understanding, activating and ministering the spiritual gifts outlined in 1 Corinthians 12 by the Apostle Paul.  

MN 6023 Purpose Driven Leadership

Video/Textbook Rick Warren The biblical principles taught in this course will help you become a better communicator of God’s truth. Commentators on God’s Word tell us what happened in the Bible, communicators of God’s Word show us how the truth of the Bible leads to life change. In this course, we’ve taken the principles of […]

MN 6013 The Normal Christian Birth

Video/Textbook David Pawson Using Acts 2:38-39 gives us the 4 complete steps to full salvation and freedom in the Lord. 1) Repent of your sins. 2) Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. 3) Be Baptized in Water. 4) Receive the Holy Spirit. Learn how to apply this to your life.

CE 5223 Mapping Christian Education

Textbook Jack Seymour/Dr. M.R. Burckley This course deals with four main themes: formation, faith community, spiritual growth, and religious instruction. It engages the student from beginning to end, offering colorful descriptions, formative analysis, invitations for self-reflection, and visionary possibilities for the future of Christian education.

CE 5213 Basic Teacher Skills

Textbook Richard Rusbuldt/Dr. M.R. Burckley This course provides a solid foundation of skills needed to meet the needs of “new teachers”. It helps them become effective and enthusiastic as they carry out Christ’s call on their lives.

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