CE 0563 The Philosophy of Christian Education

Textbook Jeff Astley/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy This course provides a careful and illuminating look at religious education activity through the eyes of philosophy. It interprets important issues in religious education from the standpoint of philosophy and applies the procedures and substance of philosophical reflection to major problems confronting religious education.

CE 0533 Educational Psychology

Textbook Kathleen M. Cauley & Gina M. Pannozzo/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy In this course are interesting, well-illustrated articles by psychologists, educators, researchers, and writers providing effective and useful perspectives on today’s important topics in the study of educational psychology.

CE 0523 Introduction to Education

Audio Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy This course gives a look at educational practices and procedures that have proven to work in the school system. It follows the beginning of educational classes taught in churches to our present system of CE 5163 The Craft of Christian Teaching

IS 0813 Missions in a Pluralistic, Postmodern World

This course will be talking about church history because history tends to repeat itself and also because we can learn great things (good and bad) from our Christian heritage and missionary work from the past. We will also be talking about different forms (or wineskins) that the church has taken throughout history (house churches, traditional […]

IS 0803 Discipling the Next Generation

During this course, we will talk about discipling the next generation of believers. We want to see people come to know Christ, but we also must make disciples who will in turn go and make other disciples. Paul instructed Timothy to take what he had learned and then to teach other faithful men who would […]

IS 0793 Cross-Cultural Communication

During this course, we will be learning about culture and how to communicate with people from other cultures. Missionaries have often been accused of exporting Western culture and values alongside the gospel. We will talk about how to identify what parts of our and other cultures are good, bad, and/or neutral. Many of the differences […]

IS 0783 Cross-Cultural Evangelism

During this course, we will be looking at what our message is as we go overseas. Jesus said that “this message of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world and then the end will come”. So, we will focus on the message of the cross, the kingdom, and Christ. We will also look […]

IS 0773 Orality and Storytelling

During this course, we will talk about the most effective way to share the gospel with people of oral or non-literate cultures. We will talk about the power of storytelling and how chronological storying has been an effective tool in many missions contexts. We will also look at a lot of different audio and video […]

IS 0763 Simple Church

During this course, we will talk about simplifying our definition of church. Jesus said that where two or three are gathered, he is there among them. In some ways, we have professionalized Sunday morning services and have developed a Western model of church that might not fit into other contexts. We will look at how […]

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