Like most seminaries and colleges we get these requests often. Occasionally benefactors will provide scholarship monies for specific situations, currently due to the generosity of one of our supporters, all tuition has been reduced to $95 per credit hour. This applies to all students. Financial aid is available and granted to every student that applies.

Yes. Graduation is the third Saturday in June every year! (Always the day before Fathers Day!)

If you are submitting your application online, you can pay the Registration Fee online using either a debit or credit card (otherwise it can be paid by credit or card over the phone, among other options). Applications can only be processed once the Registration Fee has been paid.

Yes, please contact Dr. Will Ryan about our Facilitator Program.

Yes. We offer a convenient monthly payment options via PayPal at no interest fee.

We are not affiliated with any particular denomination. Our Statement of Faith outlines what we believe. We have had students from a broad variety of backgrounds attend CTS from around the globe.

CTS has several partner schools and seminaries that combined represent over 5000 students a year.

CTS offers research degrees similar to a Ph.D but have intentionally chosen not to offer “philosophy” degrees. Some would merely see this as semantics, but we don’t consider a Ph.D. to be the best Kingdom strategy. We believe that a Th.D. represents an equal research degree and is founded on Biblical knowledge rather than the “philosophy of the world.”

Visit Courses (gocovenant.net) to see the latest listing of courses available online.

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