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The basic cost to attend Covenant Theological Seminary (CTS) is $95 per credit hour, making it one of the least expensive seminaries in the country. We are committed to affordable kingdom discipleship training. The average US Seminary per credit hour is $450 with many as high as $750 per credit hour. Most CTS degrees can be completed in as little as 18 months part time with a total cost of less than $3500.


$95 per credit hour x30 = $2850 (required)

$65 Registration Fee (required)

$200 (optional materials or course fees, book and audio purchases etc…)

$300 Master’s Degree Graduation Fees (optional, you don’t have to “walk”)

CTS is committed to affordable kingdom discipleship training. We don’t want finances to impede anyone from Kingdom ministry. CTS is committed to partnering with their students, and through kingdom resources, we are committed to ensuring every student can attend regardless of financial ability. Financial aid is granted to every student that applies. If you are interested in CTS but not sure if you can afford it, please let the CTS know when you register.


   Registration Fee (paid upon application)     $ 65.00    Non-refundable
   Course Fee Per Credit Hour     $ 95.00    (See refund policy below)
   Materials Fees (if applicable)     $ 50.00    Average per course
Students are required to purchase any books, workbooks, DVDs or audios not included in the Materials Fees or Online Fees.


   Biblical Diploma    $ 200.00  
   Associates Degree    $ 200.00  
   Bachelors Degree    $ 250.00  
   Masters Degree    $ 300.00  
   Doctoral Degree    $ 350.00  
   Doctoral Degree with Dissertation    $ 1200.00  
   Honorary Doctorate    $ 1000.00  
Covenant Theological Seminary reserves the right to make changes in fees, course programs, and all administrative structures described in our catalog and elsewhere without prior notice being given.

Under most circumstances, students are asked to pay 50% of the total cost per credit hour of their degree upon registration and the remaining 50% upon completion of the degree and coursework. Personal payment schedules are also considered.



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