Honorary Doctorate (DLS)

-Doctor of Sacred Letters & honoris causa consideration

A recognition of Sacred Letters Seal and Degree dates back to the 1700’s when higher institutions of scholarly education determined that before any “student” be accepted into a program of any higher education status, they must first demonstrate their proficiency in the foundation of all understanding which was commonly accepted as the sacred letters of the Holy Bible. In keeping with this tradition, CTS believes all of its degrees upon completion enable further learning and shepherding and thus occasionally awards a Doctor of Sacred Letters degree (DSL) in recognition of superior accomplishment in Biblical Studies and Ministry or scholarship and other merits. It may be conferred as an earned degree upon the completion of a regular, but minimized doctoral course of study, and can include the development and defense of an original dissertation or may be conferred as an earned higher doctorate after the submission and academic aluation of a portfolio of sustained scholarship, publications, research, or other theological work of the highest caliber.

In addition to being awarded as an earned degree, this doctorate is also conferred as an honoris causa to recognize one’s lifetime of excellence in a particular theological, ministry, cultural, or other notable contributions to the Kingdom of God. When conferred as an honorary doctorate, many or all of the standard degree requirements, including application, matriculation, coursework, doctoral dissertation or thesis, and portfolio evaluation may be waived, at the discretion of CTS and the Chancellor or President.



    • The shepherd” preferably should have been in ministry twenty (20) years or longer
    • The minister should be at least 60 years of age
    • Three letters of recommendation must accompany his/her application.*
    • There are registration & Graduation fees and the usual expectation for the applicant to walk in a CTS graduation.
    • Criterium Submission: We also ask the applicant to contribute a sample of criteria in demonstration of their “earned and learned” understanding of the sacred letters or comprehension of the overall lens of the scripture. 

COST: The cost for an Honorary Doctorate will depend on several aspects of the Criteria above. Generally speaking, the cost is equal to an earned 30 credit Doctor of Ministry Degree. 


Step 1: Complete the Honorary Doctorate Recommendation Form (to recommend someone for an honorary doctorate). Upon approval from CTS, proceed to Step 2. You will be notified of approval.

Step 2: Complete the Honorary Doctorate Application (to be completed by the candidate (or for the candidate upon approval). Payment submission via Paypal.

Step 3: Contact your 3 individuals who will be writing the Letters of Recommendation.

Step 4: Write your Criterium & Submit it to CTS.

Step 5: Pay the Graduation Fee Click here.


Further questions may be directed to: [email protected]


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