Global Frontier Missions

Global Frontier Missions has been doing missionary training for over 15 years. By using a balance of classroom and community ministry times alongside our full-time staff, they prepare graduates to last long term among the unreached peoples in the world. Their training program for prospective missionaries has been recommended by many of the top sending agencies and their graduates are seeing success in making disciples of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists all over the world! Graduates of Missionary Training School are also eligible to earn a degree through their relationship with Covenant Theological Seminary (CTS).

Current GFM Students

For current GFM students (not online) who have completed their training with GFM, need to complete the following items in order to receive a diploma via the transfer agreement with CTS:

STEP 1: Complete the Application to CTS

STEP 2: Complete the Acknowledgement & Release Form

STEP 3: Complete the Application for Degree (this details how you want your name to appear on the degree and the degree you will be receiving.

STEP 4: Pay for the transfer degree via Paypal. The Application for Degree will automatically take you to Paypal once you  have completed the form. Be sure you are ready to make your payment when you begin this form. If you are unable to make the payment at this time, but still want to complete the other forms you may do so, simply return to this page and pick up where you left off. Otherwise, CLICK HERE to make a payment.

The current pricing for each level of degree is as follows:

– Associate of Ministry in Intercultural Studies: $ 300.00

– Bachelor of Ministry in Intercultural Studies: $ 600.00

– Master of Ministry in Intercultural Studies: $ 900.00

Transcripts are Needed!

Students receiving a Bachelor of Master need to have their transcripts forwarded to the CTS Registrar’s Office as soon as they complete the Application. Our address is:

Covenant Theological Seminary
ATTN: Registrar
PO Box 1177
Greenville, NC 27835

Transcripts from GFM are automatically requested. All other transcripts for undergraduate degrees are needed. You will need to go to your former college’s website and request the transcript. A small fee may be involved.

Please Note:
The Application to CTS form is designed to automatically proceed to the next form upon completion. The Acknowledgement & Release Form is also designed to forward you to the Application for Degree upon completion which in turn forward you to PayPal.

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