Study Options
CTS has four options from which you can obtain your degree:

Sharing the facilities of Radiant Life Church in Greenville, North Carolina, we are conveniently located across the street from J.C. Penney at the Greenville Mall. Our address is 2001 Charles Boulevard, in Greenville, NC.

Evening classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the autumn and spring from 7:00 – 9:15.


This is the convenient choice for many of our students. Students can take classes that work with their schedule and view the videos online, or listen to the audios and complete the coursework and submit it all online.

Do you have commitments where you are? This option works well for those who cannot break away and move to a college or seminary. It is also a great way to enhance your education if you simply want to take a course to add to your walk with God.

Online classes are available year round via CTS Online. You can begin at any time and work at your own pace to complete your degree programs. Over 100 courses are offered via our online school with more classes coming online all the time.

We have missions organizations and churches that want to provide a seminary education to their people. The extension classrooms are an excellent means of providing a seminary education to persons in their locale who are interested. These persons facilitate the curriculum we provide – either by teaching the courses themselves (or via their qualified staff), or using the videos provided. This is an excellent means to provide a seminary education locally.

Some of our students live across the globe and are unable to break away from their duties to attend classes, particularly if they have limited internet capability. This is where our Distance Learning program comes in. We provide the student with a links to download the necessary materials. With these course materials and they can then complete their course work at their own pace on their tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. When a course is completed they simply mail in their course work or email it when they are back at an internet accessible locale.

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