Theology & Biblical Studies

CTS serves as a catalyst for spiritual transformation through Biblical Studies & Theology.

CTS focuses its ministry on providing degrees and programs for individuals who aspire to, or who currently serve in, strategic ministry roles so they can become agents of spiritual transformation in the lives of others. Recognizing the critical role that Biblical studies play with respect to how effectively the Church fulfills its God-given mission, CTS gives special emphasis to training pastors, counselors, educators, and related ministry leaders (whether vocational, bi-vocational or avocational) with all of its programs foundationally structured with a core of Theology and Biblical Studies.



Dr Will Ryan

-Head of Biblical Studies and Theology

Ryan lives in Lake Geneva Wisconsin with his wife of over 20 years and four boys. Ryan has been a Licensed ordained pastor in the free will Baptist denomination for over 25 years and has planted two churches and leads a ministry called expedition 44 which puts on conferences and retreats and has a YouTube theology page that has nearly 100,000 subscribers ( Ryan has authored numerous books with the most recent a trilogy series entitled “this is the way” that was released in January 2022. His next book on covenant discipleship is slated to be released later this year by crosslink publishing. 

Ryan attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and received a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies in 1997. He went on to receive masters degrees in administration & curriculum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin and was working towards a PhD in classical and ancient near eastern studies (Hebrew) from the University of Wisconsin at Madison when they abruptly ended the program in 2016. Ryan shifted gears transferring to Covenant Theological Seminary where he received a THD in Biblical studies and theology in 2017. In 2020 Ryan joined the CTS team and  began updating the core curriculum courses and shortly after was asked to be the head of the theology department. 

Visit Dr Ryan’s site at EXPEDITION 44


Matt Mouzakis

-Doctoral Research Assistant of Theology and Biblical Studies

Matt has a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary and is a Th.D. Candidate at CTS working with Dr Ryan to build the 6000 series of courses.




(Click on the Titles to go to the course description)

BS 6001 INTRO TO THE BIBLEThis is the Way by Dr. Will Ryan & The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament by Sandra L. Richter

BS 6002 BIBLICAL PRAYERPraying With Ancient Israel (Phillip Camp and Tremper Longman III) & The Lord and His Prayer by N.T. Wright

BS 6003 HERMENEUTICSHow to Read the Bible for All its Worth by Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart & Bait of Satan by John Bevere

BS 6004 KINGDOM STRATEGIESThe Old Testament Template by Landa Cope & Bearing God’s Name: Why Sinai Still Matters by Carmen Imes

BS 6005 CITIZENS OF THE KINGDOMJesus Untangled by Keith Giles

BS 6006 THE GOSPELGospel Allegiance: What Faith in Jesus Misses for Salvation in Christ by Matthew W. Bates

BS 6007 WOMEN IN MINISTRYTwo Views on Women in Ministry by James R. Beck

BS 6008 ATONEMENTA Community Called Atonement by Scot McKnight

BS 6009 HELLAll You Want to Know About Hell by Steve Gregg

BS 6010 ESCHATOLOGY Last Days Madness: The Obsession of the Modern Church by Gary DeMar

BS 6011 SERMON ON THE MOUNTThe Story of God Bible Commentary: Sermon on the Mount by Scot McKnight

BS 6012 HEAVEN AND EARTH A New Heaven and A New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology by J. Richard Middleton

BS 6013 1 PETER 1 Peter [NIV Application Series] by Scot McKnight

BS 6014 COLOSSIANS Colossians and Philemon: An Introduction and Commentary by NT Wright

BS 6015 JOBHow to Read Job by John Walton

BS 6016 RUTHRuth (2 Horizons Commentary) by James Mckeown



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